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We are located near Nanton, Alberta, Canada. We are very flattered and pleased with the overwhelming interest in our Pomskies. We are proud to provide our loving puppies the forever homes that they deserve. For the safety of our dogs we do require a screening process as part of each adoption.

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To help match you with your perfect puppy please download our “Pomsky Adoption Qualification Questions” (Word Doc) and fill out your answers in the “Your Message/Qualification Answers” form field to the left.

We spend ample time enjoying the company of our dogs and puppies- therefore please expect a reply from us within 72 hours. We care about your interest in our litters and will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Once you have sent us your message, please be sure to check your JUNK MAIL folder for our response, if you have yet to hear back from us! Thanks!

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Have you read through our entire website? If not, please do! Some very informational pages include our:

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