Adoption Qualifications

We are very flattered and pleased with the overwhelming interest in our Pomskies. We are proud to provide our loving puppies the forever homes that they deserve. For the safety of our dogs we do require a screening process as part of each adoption. Help us recognize you as a great adopter by reading through, filling out and sending to us our Pomsky Adoption Qualification Questions form. This form may be copied and pasted into our contact page for easy completion.

Please make sure that you have given yourself the opportunity to read through our entire website.

Have you read through our entire website? If not, please do! Most, if not all, your questions should be answered there. Reading through our entire website shows us your willingness to educate yourself about the Pomsky.

Please let us know that you are qualified to adopt a Pomsky by submitting the answer(s) from our “Pomsky Adoption Qualification Questions” (Word Doc) on our Contact Page.

Questions to Ask YOURSELF When Adopting a Pomsky

 Which generation of Pomsky are you interested in?
 What colour and gender of Pomsky are you interested in?
 Is there a specific puppy from a litter that you are interested in?
 How active is your life style?
 How often will you exercise your Pomsky?
Are dogs allowed in your renting agreement? (We require proof from your landlord that they accept pets.)
 Do you plan to offer continued veterinary medical care for your Pomsky on a yearly health check basis?
 What research have you done on raising a puppy?
 Are you aware of the average yearly cost of keeping a dog?
 Do you plan to train your Pomsky to enjoy the sports of Dog Agility, Flyball and Obedience?
Would you ever consider surrendering your Pomsky to a rescue organization should you no longer be able to care for him/her?
Have you read through our Health Guarantee section of the website?
 Are you confident that you are not allergic to dogs, including their dander and saliva?
 Has everyone in your family agreed upon the arrival of a new puppy?
 Do you plan on taking any puppy training/socialization classes with your Pomsky?

Quality Begins With Love