Minature Siberian Husky:

We are proud and excited to offer Miniature Siberian Huskies (MSH), in addition to our Pomskies. The Miniature Siberian Husky is truly a miniature version of the majestic Siberian Husky. With our Mini Huskies we strive to keep all the characteristics of the Siberian Husky intact but simply in a smaller package.

The MSH has the same colours, markings, body type/conformation, hair coat, tail, ears and facial structure of the Siberian Husky. The MSH embodies all the qualities of the Siberian Husky such as their intelligence, loyalty and appearance, while almost HALF their usual size! The average weight of a Siberian Husky is 45-65 lbs. (Females tend to be up to 10-15 lbs. lighter than males.) Currently, our MSH weigh in at 35-40 lbs. full grown. We do not plan to decrease from that size, as that range allows our MSH to enjoy all the activities of their large breed counterparts such as hiking, running, harness, Dog Agility and Flyball.

The MSH offers all the punch of a regular sized Siberian Husky but will require considerably less exercise and living space. The MSH is great for city living, including apartments and downtown environments. Our MSH are perfect for anyone searching for an intelligent, beautiful, medium energy, small canine companion to add years of joy to their life.

In our Photo Gallery to the right, we have one of our beautiful Miniature Siberian Huskies sitting beside our standard size Siberian Husky, to show a size comparison. You will also see one of our 8 week old Miniature Siberian Husky puppies sitting beside an 8 week old standard size Siberian Husky puppy.

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