Frequently Asked Questions

There are some very common questions asked by people regarding our Pomskys. Here you will find those questions answered below, along with directions to other pages on the website which contain more information pertaining to the questions asked.

The size and weight of our Pomskies varies depending on a few factors. The generation, parents’ sizes, litter size and gender all play key roles in adult size. Our F1 (First generation) Pomskies range between 25-35 lbs. Our F2 (Second Generation) Pomskies range between 18-25 lbs. Our F3 (Third Generation) Pomskies range between 10-15 lbs. Our F4 (Fourth Generation) Pomskies range around 8-10 lbs. Our F5 (Fifth Generation) Pomskies range under 6 lbs. More accurate estimates of the size of your new Pomsky are available once each litter is announced. We strive to match an appropriately sized Pomsky to meet their new family’s needs and desires.

Absolutely! We selectively breed for well- rounded temperaments in our Pomskies. This results in a friendly, trustworthy Pomsky that is a gentle, child-safe dog. We have many adoptive families enjoying their Pomsky with their children, whose ages range from infancy to teenagers. Please visit our Breed Page for more information on our Pomskies’ lovely personality traits.

Absolutely! All our Pomsky puppies are socialized within their own litter with their siblings, but are also able to interact with our adults Pomskies and any other litters we currently have. This allows our Pomsky puppies to learn how to play with pups their own age, older Pomskies, larger Pomskies and smaller Pomskies, which are important life skills. All our Pomsky puppies are socialized with cats, chickens and even our horses!

The living quarters of a Pomsky do not need to be large. The importance of exercise and outside time come into play here. The Pomsky may live very happily in a smaller house/apartment/condominium/trailer without issue. Your Pomsky will still require daily exercise outside of the home. The Pomsky does not require a yard, as long as they are receiving adequate exercise elsewhere. Please visit our Breed Page for more great information concerning the exercise needs of a Pomsky.

The Pomsky will have minimal daily shedding. The Pomsky’s coat has a double-thickness, meaning that there is a thicker under coat and a longer over coat or guard hairs. The undercoat is shed once or twice per year. Beyond that, the Pomsky has minimal brushing requirements. Please see our Breed Page for more information on the Pomsky fur coat and its maintenance.

The expected life span of a Pomsky is 12-15 years. Please note that a healthy life style for your Pomsky is crucial to this outcome. A healthy diet, proper weight management, exercise and medical care, as well as genetics and size play important roles in establishing a great quality and quantity of life for your Pomsky. Did you know that spaying and neutering your Pomsky will help increase their life expectancy? Please see our Adoptions page for more information regarding the many benefits of spaying and neutering your Pomsky.

We enjoy country acreage living near Nanton, Alberta, Canada. We are roughly one hour south of Calgary, Alberta. We are happy to offer world-wide delivery and airline travel for your new Pomsky puppy. Or, families are welcome out to us to meet our dogs and puppies. Please see our Contact Page for instructions on how to contact us.

Yes, we are able to utilize airline travel of our Pomsky puppies to their new adoptive families. We are currently able to fly our puppies through-out Canada, the United States of America and beyond. Please see our Info Page for more in depth information about having your new puppy delivered to you.

Absolutely! We breed for health first! A healthy Pomsky is a happy Pomsky. We set our own standard of excellence by offering an extensive 3 Year Health and Genetic Guarantee for each puppy. Your new Pomsky puppy will be Health Certified, having received the finest Veterinary care. Please visit our Adoptions Page for a more in depth look on how our Health Guarantee protects your new Pomsky.

Yes. All our Pomsky puppies receive the highest quality Veterinary care from the moment they enter this world! Your new Pomsky puppy will be adopted with all their necessary puppy vaccinations, according to their age and vaccination schedule. To ensure your new Pomsky is at their healthiest, they will also receive deworming, among other healthy preventive measures. Our Pomsky puppies are adopted with their extensive 3 Year Health and Genetic Guarantee. Please visit our Adoptions Page for a more in depth look on how our Health Guarantee protects your new Pomsky.

Yes! We currently have Pomsky puppies available for adoption, although the puppies can find their forever homes rather quickly. Although our Pomsky puppies are in high demand, there are lots of opportunities to adopt! Please visit our Available Puppies page to view our adoptable Pomsky puppies.

We almost always have puppies available and there are NO WAIT TIMES to adopt. We do have a Litter Announcement List created for each litter but you do not need to be placed on our Litter Announcement List in order to adopt. For those wishing to adopt at a certain time of year or for a specific Generation/colour/gender of Pomsky, our Litter Announcement List is a great tool for us to contact you as soon as your desired puppy or litter becomes available for adoption! We do not place endless names on the Litter Announcement List, preferring to keep in contact with interested adopters, ensuring every new approved family/individual has the opportunity to own a Pomsky. Please see our Available Puppies Page to view our currently available puppies, or head to our Contact Page for instructions on how to contact us.

Please help us recognize you as a great adopter by reading through, filling out and sending to us our Adoption Qualification form, found on our Adoptions page. We pride ourselves on finding loving, balanced, forever homes for our puppies. We understand that many individuals are excited and curious about our Pomskies. Please make sure you have read through our entire website before contacting us with any questions you may have or to inquire about adopting a puppy.

As we pride ourselves in providing exquisite Pomskies, our adoption prices reflect the quality, value and rarity of our Pomskies. As our adoption prices vary depending on a few variables, please visit our Adoption Prices page for a break-down of our adoption prices and everything that is included with your new puppy.

As part of our Health Guarantee, your new Pomsky puppy is required to be spayed or neutered. Your puppy’s Spay and Neuter Procedure is preformed before they arrive home with you, or they may be sent home on a Spay or Neuter Contract. This procedure has many behavioral and medical benefits for your beloved pet. Please view our Health Guarantee Page, for more information about why spaying and neutering is beneficial to your new puppy.

Our Pomkies fit into almost any lifestyle and family situation. Our Pomskies pledge to be loving, playful and trainable family members that will add many years of joy to your lives. While there are many advantages in adding a Pomsky to your family, their health and beauty are certainly unmatched! It definitely is a privilege owning such a unique and exquisite breed. You can rest assured that you have adopted the finest Pomsky North America has to offer.

The Pomsky is intelligent and highly trainable, resulting in house training, learning of commands and new tricks being easily achieved. With appropriate training methods, dedication and teamwork; your new Pomsky will impress you before you know it. That being said, the effort that you put into your new puppy will directly reflect on how well trained your new puppy will become. An educated owner equals an educated Pomsky! Looking for training tips and advice? Visit our Info tab for our helpful guidance.

No. Barking or any vocalization is a learned behavior which can either be encouraged or discouraged in your new puppy. Rewarding your puppy when they are quiet encourages barking to not become a bothersome habit. Some of our Siberian Huskies enjoy talking on command as part of a trick we have taught, such as letting out soft howls and voicing sweet nothings!