Health and Genetic Guarantee!

We strictly breed our Pomskies and Miniature Siberian Huskies for quality and not quantity. We are extremely proud to offer an extensive 3 Year Health and Genetic Guarantee for all of our puppies. We are proud to raise the bar in the field of dog breeding in order to protect our puppies and their owners. Here you will learn how our Health Guarantee is unsurpassable. Our philosophy of Quality for our dogs focuses on preventative veterinary care and health screening. We work extremely closely with our Veterinarian to ensure each and every one of our dogs and puppies receives the highest quality veterinary medicine. Each and every one of our breeding parents goes through a long list of health screening protocols before they are considering to be added to our breeding program. Our dedication to the Pomsky breed assures our parent dogs and their offspring are in excellent health. After all, a healthy Pomsky is a happy Pomsky!

As part of our uncompromising commitment to excellence, we are pleased to offer North America’s leading Health and Genetic Guarantee for the Pomsky.

Our Breeding Efforts Focus on Quality as a Whole Including:

Not only is it our goal to provide you with a breathtakingly beautiful puppy, it is our moral and ethical obligation to focus on both the short term and long term health of our puppies, allowing our adopters to benefit fully from our breeding program. A very beneficial health factor for the Pomsky is that the puppies have an increased hybrid-vigor achieved by the crossing of the two breeds. That being said, Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are not completely unrelated but offer enough genetic variation to offer a lower incidence of any potential hereditary issues that could arise in their offspring. Canine genetics are complex; with most hereditary conditions being polygenic meaning a condition has many genes that influence its expression in an individual dog. This increases our belief in continued health screening of all our dogs. Were you aware that some hereditary conditions in dogs can take well over 1-2 years to manifest and begin to show symptoms? Our dedication to our dogs allows us to offer our extended Health and Genetic Guarantee for 3 YEARS. This length of time allows the proper coverage and protection for you and your new Pomsky.

Life Time Breeder Support!

We are here to offer continued breeder knowledge and support for you and your Pomsky. From puppy training to senior moments, we have seen it all and are happy to offer our tips and tricks to ensure your Pomsky is at their best. We encourage updates and continued communication with our adoptive families, as shared knowledge and experiences benefits all!

We will be there for you, every paw print along the way!

For proper and responsible pet ownership, dogs require an initial puppy vaccination, with 2 consecutive boosters. As part of our Health Guarantee you agree to continue with your puppy’s vaccination schedule. All of our puppies will be adopted with all necessary vaccinations according to the puppy’s age and vaccine schedule. We continue with the timely administration of vaccinations until your puppy arrives home with you. Booster vaccinations are due 3-4 weeks after each other.  Did you know that all of the vaccinations given to our puppies are performed by our Veterinarian? Vaccinations being administered by a trained professional provide proper, safe and secure protection for our puppies.

Your Puppy’s Spay and Neuter Procedure

We are proud to offer the extended service of providing your new puppy with their Spay and Neuter Procedure while under our experienced care. Every puppy will be Spayed or Neutered at 10 weeks of age and require less than 1 week of recovery time, before they arrive home with their new families. Here we will explain the many benefits of this procedure. Were you aware that it is now a standard of pet ownership, and sometimes even a bylaw, that your pet dog be sterilized? This is all for great reasons.

Behavioural Enhancement  

The ovaries and testicules of dogs produce the Estrogen and Testosterone Hormone, respectfully. These hormones influence your dog’s behaviour and decisions. Higher levels of Estrogen and Testosterone Hormone present in an unaltered dog can increase certain unwanted and even dangerous behaviours in our pets such as; increased Aggression, Sexual Behaviours (Humping, Mounting, etc), Territorial Urine Marking, Hormonal Mood Swings, difficulties in training, and the list goes on. These behaviours are seen in both male and female unaltered dogs. A Spayed or Neutered dog will have little to no aggression, especially around possessions and food. They will also has no desire to Territorially Urine Mark and training will be easily achieved.

Decreases/Elimination of Reproductive Organ Cancers

Spaying and Neutering significantly decreases the chances of hormonal (Estrogen and Testosterone) influenced cancers, such as Mammary Cancer and Prostate Cancer in our dogs. It also successfully eliminates any chance of Ovarian or Uterine Cancer, as well as Testicular Cancer, not to mention eliminating the many potential complications that can occur with intact Reproductive Organs! Therefore Spaying and Neutering effectively increases your Pomsky’s lifespan!

Faster Recovery Period

Younger dogs have a faster rate of healing than older dogs, as puppies bodies are still growing and producing new cells at a much faster rate! Having your new puppy Spayed or Neutered at 10 weeks of age decreases pain and increases healing time by  many days!

Hassle and Worry-Free

We entrust our beloved puppies to our trusted and skilled Veterinarian and they receive the highest quality Veterinary care through-out their procedure. We have many years of experience and qualifications in after-care and home care of our puppies. We gladly spend the time and effort, so that you won’t have to! No need to book a day off work, stress about your puppy after their surgery, or worry you are not providing proper care. We are highly experienced and devoted to making every Spay and Neuter Procedure  flawless.

Your Puppy’s Vaccine Schedule:

(The Rabies Vaccine is typically given between the ages of 14 weeks to 18 weeks, as your Pomsky will need to be a bit older before they can receive it safely.) At the end of this schedule, your puppy has received all their vaccinations required for the first year of their life. Your Pomsky requires a yearly booster vaccine given 1 year from the date of their last vaccine. All Veterinary clinics maintain a record of vaccinations given and should provide helpful reminders for future vaccines that your Pomsky is due for. Were you aware that when a vaccine is given to a puppy, it takes the puppy up to 10-14 days before their body is able to produce enough antibodies to make the vaccination effective? All vaccinations should be, and are, given a minimum of 10-14 days before your new puppy is to arrive home with you, allowing for the best protection possible. Another preventative measure of ours is being pro-active regarding our mother dogs’ health and keeping their vaccinations up to date, which allows their puppies to benefit from their mother’s antibodies passed down through her milk.


The term “whelping” is applied to when a bitch gives birth to her puppies. Our breeding females and males receive the finest veterinarian and home care. We monitor our expectant mothers very closely. Once one of our mothers is bred, they receive an Ultrasound pregnancy examination from our veterinarian. This amazing scan is our favorite and is performed when the mother is 3-4 weeks pregnant. This examination is to confirm pregnancy at an early stage, so that all of the needs of the pregnant mother and her puppies are met. Here is a ‘sonogram’ of one of the ultrasounds showing two 3 week old feti. Very exciting! It is extremely important to know exactly how many puppies our mothers are expecting. Whelping should not be a guessing game and by knowing the exact number of expected puppies allows us to ensure the birthing process is safe and without any complications. A pregnancy radiograph is taken around the 7th week of pregnancy to confirm the number of puppies. The average length of a pregnancy in a dog is 9 weeks, give or take a day or two on either side. Here is a photo of a pregnancy radiograph taken of one of our mothers. How many puppies can you count? (Hint; it is one more than five!)

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Puppy Stages:

Week 1 & 2 of Life

The growth rate in puppies is phenomenal and they certainly sprout like little weeds! Before we know it, the puppies are able to lift their heads and crawl about. Around day 14 of life, the puppies begin to open their eyes and ears and begin to fully appreciate the world around them. From this moment on, socialization is very important. Starting this young allows our puppies to adapt to new situations easily as older puppies and throughout life. Our deworming protocol starts as early as week 2, until week 10.

Week 2 & 4 of Life

The puppies begin to sit up and start walking between week 3 and 4. We can start to see their personalities shining through and the puppies spend less time sleeping and more time awake. The puppies are now almost three times the size they were when they were born.

Week 5 of Life

By week 5 the puppies are becoming restless and want to explore, explore, explore! And explore they do! At this stage the puppies want to learn about their surroundings, by sniffing and tasting everything they can! They start eating solid food and become more independent.

Week 6 of Life

By week 6 their mother is starting to want her own space and starts weaning her puppies. The puppies are now enjoying solid food and are in the trouble-making stage. Family and friends help us socialize the puppies, allowing them to get used to different voices, handling, sounds and smells. Weather permitting, the puppies are now allowed outside to explore the natural world. By week 6, we are able to properly estimate adult size, as well as personality and the puppies are made available for adoption. The puppies are off to our Veterinarian to have their full body Physical Examination. Once passing our Veterinarians extensive Health Check, our puppies receive their 1st Vaccination.

Week 7 & 8 of Life

From weeks 7 to 8, the puppies start spending some alone time with us, allowing them to feel confident on their own and to enjoy special one-on-one time. Each puppy experiences having they ears cleaned, nails trimmed and their fur coats bathed, brushed and blow dried. The puppies are now old enough to have interactions with our cats, birds and other adult dogs. The puppies learn crucial inter-social skills between weeks 6-10, by play fighting, wrestling and sharing toys. As our puppies are raised in our house, they become used to house hold noises such as; vacuuming, music and visitors. We encourage polite puppy manners as early as week 7. We discourage jumping and puppy-nipping and praise our puppies for appropriate behaviors. Between the weeks of 8 and 10, we commence house training and kennel training, allowing our puppies to learn early on how to hold their bladders and use the washroom outside.

Week 10 & 11 of Life

Week 10 is when the puppies are off to the Veterinarian for their 2nd Vaccination and another full body Physical Examination. The puppies will receive their Spay and Neuter Procedure and enjoy their healing period with lots of love, kisses and rest! By week 11 the puppies are now ready to leave for their new forever homes. Be assured that your new puppy has been well loved and cared for and is family ready and has a well-rounded temperament.